3 years!!!

Oh ya I forgot… 3 years! The orders say we are to be there for THREE WHOLE YEARS! {{{HAPPY DANCE}}}

So all the way to 2020. Wow. So much wow! So awesome! So exciting!


(Outside Continental Unites States vs Continental United States)
Getting ready to move OCONUS to Germany has actually been pretty smooth even though for the majority of the time, my husband has been away at a training rotation in California. 

He did as much as he could do before he left, and even did some things while he was in Cali. One of the best things he did before leaving was to give me a Power of Attorney. With that, I have been able to schedule various things.

Everything is way more complex when moving overseas versus simply moving from state to state. Medical clearance, passports, update driver’s license, schedule extra moving shipments (for a total of 3 instead of just 1), ship vehicle, figure out what to do with the other vehicle, cat vet appointment, flights… none of those apply for a regular CONUS move.

Then there is the whole fact that Germany is different. And that’s a good thing. But there is still a lot to learn. A lot to get used to. 

I suppose we will cross that bridge in 100+ days when we get there. ☺️


Last update said we were waiting on our physicals to get medical clearance.

My Physical – Went well, no issues preventing me from PCSing to Germany. (Did get a call about how I should eat better… roger that!)

Sunny’s Physical – Went well. Healthy, happy, energetic young girl. Praise God!

Went to EFMP the following day to have my friend, Dr. Kate Flather, sign off on our medical clearance. ✔️ And then I dropped off the forms at the Levy Office. That was last week.

The lady at Levy emailed me Monday and said all was good, and we should get orders in 24-72 hours. 

So we waited… Got an email Wednesday from the lady saying orders were ready! Oliver (who is training) got to a computer to email them to me that night.

Orders Printed! – So with copies of the orders, I went to transportation to schedule the movers. I asked for the first week in June. The request will be processed, and once the movers are scheduled, I will receive an email.

Flights – Then I went to get our flights scheduled. Wanting to fly out in July, and flights aren’t available until 90 days out. The guy told me to come back today. Well… Here I am. He also expressed that I should try to schedule quickly since flights allowing pets are limited. 

So here I wait… they are at a meeting… I’m excited to get our flight information!


Yay for progress! 

Today I turned in a packet of paperwork that my husband had to complete. I tried turning it in a couple of days ago, but they showed me that there was one more form he had to fill out. He filled it out online, and emailed it to me.

I have a packet of paperwork to turn in, but I’m waiting on our physical appointments next week.

After that, we should be getting our orders within a few days. So excited! 

4 Days After Receiving RFO to Germany (PROGRESS REPORT)

Preparing to move overseas requires a lot of decisions, appointments, and paperwork.  We have only been at it for a few days, but we have made quite a lot of progress. Here’s the 411.

Hubby has a 4-page packet to get filled out – PCS Readiness Checklist.  He dropped it off to be filled out at the medical center for approval. When we pick it up and turn it into the S1.

I have to get medical clearance for the kids and myself.  Missing a few physicals. Appointments next week. But I was able to get a crucial discharge paper for our youngest’s speech therapy. Once the paperwork is complete, we turn it into the Levy office.

Fat Cat has an appointment for her own medical clearance, including a rabies shot.

Hotel reservations were made both here in Georgia and there in Germany. Both are military hotels.  10 days allowed (reimbursed) here at Fort Stewart, and 30 days allowed (reimbursed) in Germany at Ramstein AFB. (The hotel at Ramstein looks AMAZING!)

SUV will get shipped.  We plan to ship our SUV a couple months early so it will be waiting on us when we get there.  So I scheduled a detailing since it has to be super clean prior to shipping.

Wait, there’s more!  We have other decisions to make… We need orders to schedule the movers… We need to submit the paperwork in order to get the orders… We need to update our driver’s licenses… We need to figure out what to pack and what to store… We need approval for shipping our SUV since there is a lien on it… We need to reserve a rental car upon our arrival in Germany… We need to register our homeschool in Florida (since we are FL residents)… We need to get the kids’ passports (hubby and I already have passports)… We need to plan what we will do over leave (3o days off)…

Oh my goodness we are so SO SOOOOOO EXCITED!